Current research

I am currently working on the BBSRC-funded project "Variability and the latent ageing process", aiming to design methodology that can be used to extract ageing patterns from complex longitudinal datasets.

This work follows on from the pilot study conducted on the fertility ageing patterns of the women in the 1958 British Birth Cohort. Reproductive ageing in humans presented an excellent case study for the investigation of the evolutionary processes underlying ageing. Of particular interest to me is the exploration of phenotypic plasticity on menopause timings when correlated with individual life-history events.

Between the start of the BBSRC-funded research in January 2019 and the end of my sociogenomics position in October 2018, together with Dr Julia Brettschneider from the University of Warwick, I obtained three months of funding from Models to Decisions on the application of decision theory to agricultural practices. This was a topic that brought together multiple aspects from my graduate training, such as my understanding of agricultural practices in the UK and the need for more sophisticated decision-making in farming as a response to climate change and resource depletion.